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Do you know that your workplace can enhance your business performance and improve the working experience of your people? Gulf Bridge offers workplace strategies, factory design and built services under one roof. Our experienced designers are ready to help businesses achieve the ideal workplace to satisfy their business operations. We let you adapt a workplace to the needs of your business and partner with your business to maintain the space efficiently. Our factory design and built services are beneficial for small and large projects that help businesses achieve their original vision and design.

Gulf Bridge extended its capacity to perform world-class factory design and built through comprehensive interior design solutions across the UAE. With a competitive interior designer team, we are capable of crafting prestigious projects for local and international businesses in the UAE. We use the finest design standards for every project as per the client’s requirements. As the UAE is a very innovative nation, it is always the first place to adopt the latest trends in technology, fashion, and other different luxury goods. When it comes to factory design and built, Dubai is also at the top of the line since businesses in Dubai adopt the finest interior designs to stay positive in this competitive landscape.

Gulf Bridge only deploys top-of-the-line quality interior designs and services that will surely last the longest time. At Gulf Bridge, we guarantee every property in Dubai will have a different face of elegance. Our team of professional designers always ensures to carry out the finest designs and guarantee timely execution aligned with world-class standards. 

Factory for Trius Jewellery at Dubai Production City

Factory for Jewel Studio at DMCC

Factory for Barakah Gold Factory at Sharjah

Factory for Suraj Gold factory at Sharjah

Factory for United Jewellery

Factory for Emerald Silver Factory

Factory for Treasure Gold FZC at Sharjah

Factory for Ramfoam at DIP

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